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A Brief History of Stamford


A joyous coincidence of geography and geology has allowed Stamford to remain the "finest stone town in England", its prosperity drawn from the wool trade and its historical position as a mail coach inter-change on the Great North Road almost halfway between London and York.

Stamford was the first town in the country to create a conservation area in 1967 and it has this to thank for the fact that over the subsequent half century much of its historical architectural heritage has remained intact. See Martin Smith's History of Stamford

Stamford is idyllic enough to have formed the backdrop for television costume dramas such as Middlemarch and the 2005 film Pride & Prejudice. It is regularly a finalist in The Sunday Times the best place to live in Britain survey.

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The independent traders of Stamford have united under a common emblem, which communicates the essence of Stamford, which is a combination of "ancient and vibrant", honouring the past in a contemporary way. The slogan, sums up what we want people to do in Stamford - Visit, Explore, Live.


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Pubs and Restaurants

We have so many pubs and restaurants some residents can hardly conceal their joy.

The town boasts 11 churches, 30 pubs, 20 restaurants and over 10 quality hotels and guest houses. Most of the pubs serve Real Ale and are easy walking distance of the town centre, railway and bus stations.

From the sophisticated Tobie Norris and the bustling London Inn to the warm and friendly Kings Head and Jolly Brewer, with its HD TV's and regular rotation of well kept real ales, Stamford has a fine selection of bars and public houses.

We hope this web site helps you get the most out of your time in Stamford, whether your stay is for 3 hours or 93 years.

St Mary's High Street offers a number of unique. independent gift shops
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Our pubs offer plenty of choice in ambience and style
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