About Us at Stamford.co.uk

Stamford.co.uk has been running since the early days of the internet, back in 1995. Since then it has had a few facelifts and refurbishments. Welcome to the latest. We are not a global corporation nor a national franchised template but long standing residents of Stamford.


As with all things on the internet this will be a "Work in Progress" as initiatives are completed and new ideas arise. Please bear with us. If you have some suggestions for or corrections to content, then please Contact Us.

The emphasis is very much on local life and local business.

In terms of positioning ourselves in the local communication space, we do not see ourselves as competing with the Stamford Mercury (the town's local newspaper) with their comprehensive coverage of local news and events in their weekly paper edition and their online site. This website will be more static than that. However we will take a local news feed from Google. (Albeit most of this content is sourced by the Mercury). Nor do we see ourselves competing with Stamford Living (the town's quality lifestyle magazine), with it is in depth features and lush photography shoots. Though providing a collection of resources for life events such as education, weddings, relocation and retirement is probably a good idea.

As a website we intend to provide an online shop window to the world of Stamford's


It is the intention that the site will be funded by revenue generated from advertising. We are not financed by any government or council body. We are not controlled by any national interests.

We are Stamford's Independent web site focussed on supporting the independent businesses of Stamford, our fellow residents and our welcome guests.

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