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Welcome! The Stamford and District Crime Prevention Panel, Lincolnshire, UK, is a group of volunteers who want to help prevent crime from happening in Stamford and the surrounding villages. The Panel is constructed of volunteers from all walks of life including: Councillors, Businessmen, Retired and Serving Members of Her Majesty Armed Forces, Teachers and most importantly local Stamford Police Officers.

Stamford Police advise the committee of the type of crimes which are currently being committed in our area, which in turn, gives the Panel an area of concern to concentrate on. Using direct guidance from the Home Office and drawing on all of the panel member’s knowledge and experience, we target that particular criminal activity to prevent further reoccurrence by passing on the information and guidance to both public and businesses alike.

We are funded by donations from the Local Council and also raise funds by selling Crime Prevention materials, such a property marking kits (domestic and commercial use), anti-attack alarms, etc. These donations and profits from these sales are then used to support future Crime Prevention initiatives.

So, how can YOU make a difference? We can all greatly reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime by taking simple measures, 90 % of which cost you nothing.

Please explore our site and then click on one of the many web links found in our ‘Useful Links' page. By taking simple steps we can all make ourselves and our property safer; in turn making it more difficult for the criminals to operate.

If you want to get more involved and you would like further advice or information please email the Stamford and District Crime Prevention Panel:
(this mail box is checked periodically by the panel members)

‘Remember your efforts can make a big difference’

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